[Mujer/21 años/ demasiados fandoms como para mencionarlos a todos/ México/ Ubicación: en mi palacio mental...si igual que el de Sherlock Holmes.]



not like that, Abigail, that’s for sure

where do you think she learned it from???

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i think this was everybody’s reaction to this scene

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drawing mason in my way

so cute crazy man :D

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Mason and Matthew. 

my freind called them ‘M&M’ …haha:D

Colors and title are inspired from the poster of  Charlie Countryman made by someone (i can’t find who is it …)

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"I can feed the caterpillar, I can whisper through the chrysalis, but what hatches, follows its own nature and is beyond me."

Yep, another Hannibal costume sketch. Here’s our beloved Doctor Lecter, in a blue mood. He’s likely remembering his cocoon/butterfly (yes, he has cocoons on his tie and a butterfly pin, but I meant Will).

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hannibal + parallels: margot & abigail

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Hooray! Another Hannibal costume sketch finished. Here’s Will Graham, with a taste of Hannibal Lecter… Can you spot the similarities?

PS: I’m happy to announce that one of Hannibal's writers actually pitched this idea in one of their meetings…

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Not in the plane, Hanny. 

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Picture not mine, if you know who this belong to just let me know, you are so funny :3

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